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  • Raymonds Clauss sits down with Barry Farber on Mind Your Business to discuss the unique business of rebuilding and restoring 20th Century railroad equipment.
  • New Reproduction Carpet samples available.


Star Trak restores and maintains 20th Century railway cars and equipment. We are one of the premier private passenger car rebuilding and restoration shops in the country.

Our services range from:

  • Car weighing
  • Historically accurate restorations
  • Structural evaluation and rebuilding
  • Surface preparation and paint
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • 40-year truck rebuilds
  • Head-end-power, MU-COMM installation
  • Derailment repairs
  • And more...

Conveniently located in northern New Jersey, our technicians are available to provide emergency repair services for your private car while visiting New York City. We stand by our products and service what we install. From fully automatic electrical distribution systems; and super quiet, vibration isolated air-cooled generators; our cars are designed to require limited interaction from the operator.

With over 35 years of intellectual capital in private railcar design and operation, our results speak for themselves. Let us rebuild your private car or plan a trip for you today.

For a product that you will be satisfied with, choose Star Trak Inc for your next restoration or rebuild project.